Friday, May 3, 2013

FRIENDLY FRIDAY: Texas Roadhouse & Logan's Roadhouse


I'll admit I'm a fan of the occasional steak dinner, but since the discovery of my food sensitivities, finding a steakhouse that can accommodate my needs isn't easy. Tonight I did a little research into Logan's and the Texas Roadhouse. My first hurdle is that both establishments offer ridiculously yummy-smelling rolls. It's hard to say no when the smell makes your mouth water. So, for me it's either stay away and resist temptation, shove my mouth full of peanuts while I wait for my meal, or give in and pay the consequences. Not fun, but I have found that I do much better when I have done my research before hand and go in with a plan. I was a bit disappointed by my findings this time.

Texas Roadhouse does not offer a gluten free menu or nutritional information for any of their food (according to their own statements on their website). They claim that it is too difficult to give accurate information like some other outfits because other places use prepackaged food and they make their food from scratch. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure there are other "from scratch" restaurants that are doing a decent job of informing customers about allergen and nutritional information. Sounds like a cop out to me. So while I'm fairly certain there are items on their menu that I can eat, the choice is simple for me. At least I know one place to leave off my list.

Logan's does at least offer a gluten free menu. Although it is not available online, you can request a copy from your host. Of course, since Logan's uses a common cooking area they can't guarantee that cross-contamination won't occur, and they do make a statement to that effect. I was unable, however, to find any other allergy information. According to discussion boards, it's hit or miss as to whether the staff is knowledgeable about allergies or even willing to accommodate a diner's needs. Personally, I have been able to eat there without incidence, and the staff have been very accommodating, but when in doubt I follow 2 rules of thumb... ask or avoid!

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