Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TUESDAY'S TIP: Food Allergies in the Workplace

When you have food allergies or sensitivities the workplace can be tricky to navigate. Decline an invitation to lunch or pass on a piece of birthday cake and they think you're being picky or worse yet, unsocial. So, what do you do when you co-workers throw sideways glances when you say no? First and foremost explain what your allergies or sensitivities are. Most often, people just don't understand. Once you spell it out for them most people are usually more considerate of your needs. When it comes to going out for lunch suggest some places that have options you can eat. You can use a website/app like Allergy Eats or My Gluten Free NJ (doesn't just have information about New Jersey) to find some places nearby. You can also look at the restaurants' websites to see if they have allergy free offerings. If you're concerned about snacks in the lounge or social gatherings at work, be prepared to bring food you can eat. Other people might be surprised to know that your allergy free food could actually be tasty!

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