Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where's My 7-Kinds-Of-Fiber Cereal?!

Last night my husband, Korry, and I took a stroll through the HEB Plus in Beaumont. I was determined to get myself some rice milk and CEREAL! So, to put this into perspective, I've already driven 30 minutes to a store other than my local HEB so I can get some items our store lacks, and I'm feeling giddy because I haven't had cereal for breakfast in well over a month. We make our way through the store, getting the necessary items on our list... and a whole lot more that we never even considered until they waved their hands and smiled at us from the shelves. As we round the corner to the cereal aisle I proclaim, "IIIII'm getting CEREAL!" (thumb pointed at chest and everything), spun around on my heel and proceeded to look through the cereal offerings as though I'm searching stacks of books for a rare, first edition print. There's
organic, and sugar free, and fruity, and nutty, and extra fiber... but my options are dwindling. Finding cereal for me is like playing a really frustrating game of Sudoku. Can't use this space because there's a nine here and a three there... This one looks good, but it has oats. That one has less sugar, but it's got wheat. OOOooo look at that one with the fruit &... awww nuts, it has yogurt clusters, nooo dairy. So my options literally become a box of cardboard bits, Puffins, Rice Crispies, Pops, corn flakes and Rice or Corn Chex. I'm not a fan of Puffins because, while they taste fine dry, I think the flavor part of that cereal is hydrophobic because it literally jumps ship once you pour any kind of liquid on it. Pops are just too sweet for me... although I'm sure I ate them like a fat kid with a piece of cake when I was little. So, Pops... Puffins... you're excused, but thank you for playing. Now that leaves Rice Crispies, Chex, corn flakes and the box of cardboard bits. To me, the last two on that list are synonymous. Rice Crispies get soggy too fast.. sooooo Rice Checks it is! Thank you for making that decision for me. If you didn't notice in the midst of all that, none of the options are particularly packed with nutrition. BUT I now have cereal and rice milk... so yea me.

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