Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oreo's Wheat Free Cousin

So, my husband and I went shopping and of course he finds all kinds of snacks for himself... one of which was a bag of Oreos. Are you kidding me?? Ugh! Thankfully, I found these, Newman-O's! They're wheat-free, dairy-free, and organic (look for the one with PURPLE on the package). If gluten is your issue these are NOT the choice for you, sorry! The package says, "Not a Gluten-Free
Product". A quick check of the ingredients shows me that these babies are egg-free too! SCORE!!! They are a little heavy on the calories though, but I found that they're not the type of cookie I would sit and eat a whole stack of anyway. If you're the "I'll eat anything sweet until it's gone" type of person, consider yourself warned. The website has nutritional information and ingredients for all the Newman-O's (there are currently 6 different types, but only one is wheat and dairy free). I bought these at Big Lots for $1.30, but online I was able to find prices ranging from $2.95-$5.29.
So... how do they compare, you ask? Well they definitely have that chocolaty, Oreo smell and the cookie is nice and firm with a good crunch. The cream filling tastes normal when eaten with the cookie, but if you prefer to dissect your sandwich cookies and eat the cream first, it's not quite the same. There cream is not as firm as what you find in an Oreo, has a little bit of a greasy feel on the tongue and its flavor is just a little... off. It's not bad, you just can't equate it to a full-on Oreo cream. The cookie has a slight grittiness in the end, but it's not sandy... more like the texture it might have if there were ground nuts in it.
I would give these 4 Happy Bellies. They're not an exact match, but they're a good stand-in if you miss your Oreos!

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