Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loafing Around

I am in LOVE with this bread! I first had Udi's at Willy Burger. I was so excited to have a burger on a gluten free bun, but worried that it would be dry and/or tough like most of the other GF breads I've tried. This was actually good. The bread was soft and yummy! SCORE! A local store had a few products... and a coupon! Woo hoo! As you can see, I couldn't even wait to take a picture before having some. Actually, I've had most of this loaf (sheepish grin). Korry laughs at me because I get so excited when I realize I can have toast or garlic bread, or a sandwich. I am one happy girl, and Udi's gets 5 Happy Bellies! I can't wait to try more, and thanks to their website I now have a coupon for my next purchase!!

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