Thursday, July 5, 2012


Ok... I'm normally a positive person, and I give kudos to anyone trying to live a healthier life, but I can't help but be frustrated by people who complain how difficult it is to give up gluten or dairy... or whatever else their new fad diet is telling them to try. I'm sorry it's aggravating to you that there's nothing you can eat now, but see... the difference is, I didn't choose this! You can go back to eating what you want, but me... well, that slice of whole wheat bread you crave, that glass of milk that would be sooooo good with that cookie? I crave them too, but I can't eat them because they will make me SICK. You would think that would make it easier. I mean talk about a reinforcer! Who wants to be sick? Problem is, I wasn't always that way. I LOVE cupcakes and bread and ice cream and cheese, but the love is not returned. By the way, you might think that gluten free is the next best thing, but the truth is, your whole wheat bread is probably much healthier for you than my $6 gluten free bread.

Check it out gluten free vs whole grain

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