Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Rant for the Dietarily Restricted

I hate people's views of gluten free/allergy free eating (especially the media). I don't have dietary restrictions because I'm trying to be trendy or heard it might help me lose weight. I don't do it to be difficult or because I'm a picky eater... I'm anything but. I have to eat this way because if I don't I get sick. Don't believe me, ask my husband. He's seen me doubled over in pain feeling like I wanted to die because the pain in my gut was so severe. He's seen me spend entire evenings in the bathroom over a slice of bread or cheese... ONE slice. He's seen me near tears because my entire body hurt... every joint... at the same time. It sucks. I still crave the same foods I used to eat, but if I want to feel like a normal human being, without joints that make me feel like an 80 year old woman with arthritis, without constant nausea, without severe abdominal pain that can literally last for days, then this is how my life has to be. I'm sorry if you don't understand it. I'm sorry for your ignorance. Just do me a favor & don't assume that you know my motivation behind ordering the way I do, or making the choices I do.

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