Sunday, July 8, 2012

Taco Bell's Fresco Tacos

Taco Bell crunchy Fresco taco
I started typing this review with the intention of praising Taco Bell's crunchy Fresco tacos. They're free from cheese and sour cream, which is a plus since I can't have dairy, and they're on corn tortillas. Seems like its a win-win for me! No wheat, no dairy... score, right? Well after looking at their Allergies & Sensitivities page, it clearly says that they have wheat and soy in them. 

Soy is not an issue for me, but it's good to know for those who do have an allergy to it. I feel like a kid who's ice cream just fell on the floor. I really do like the taste of the Fresco tacos, but now I know why I end up with some intestinal issues afterwards. I always assumed it was just because of the grease. Guess not. So... what to do? Their Fruitistas and frozen lemonades are allergy free (but prepared in common equipment), as are the guacamole, tortilla chips, pico, corn salsa, and Mexican rice. From now on it's side dishes I suppose. Well that's a bummer. Harumph! 

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