Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brownie Bliss!

Betty Crocker has done a wonderful thing! I LOVE these brownies! They're good... and not just in a "for gluten free brownies, these are good" kind of way. I mean they're just good, chocolaty brownies. I've shared them with other people without telling them they were gluten free and they all raved about them! They're moist and chocolaty and YUM!!! Most importantly, they
don't feel like they have sand in them like some other gluten free products do... what's with that?! Nobody wants to eat something that feels like sand! After the first few GF foods I tried I felt like I needed to soak in baking soda to purge myself like a clam. In fact, I thought I had developed a kidney stone at one point, but it turned out to be a pearl. :)
These brownies can be made dairy free by substituting oil for butter, and since I do better with egg beaters than whole eggs I was able to make them as close to egg free as I know how at this point in the game.
They get 5 Happy Bellies for sure!

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